Instructor Agreement

Thank you for your interest in becoming an instructor for our upcoming f64 Live event!

After completing your submission, you will receive an email with more details regarding your role and the event as a whole.

Have questions about this agreement? Please reach out to Troy Miller at

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  • 10 images maximum, 4,000px long at 200dpi
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    • Event details

    • Morning Session

    • Afternoon Session

    • Legal stuff

    • Sponsorship

      It is understood and agreed upon that if you are sponsored, compensation will be made directly to you, the Speaker, by your sponsoring company or companies. All efforts should be made to provide necessary graphics from the sponsoring company or companies to the f64 Live Programming Chair in a timely manner for use in marketing, electronic and otherwise.


      Models will be provided for the event by f64 Live and will be working for images for their portfolio. You agree to provide high res digital images of the models used during your instruction (finished or unfinished) to ideally within 30 days after the event.

      Copyright images and model release(s)

      It is understood and agreed that you shall be the copyright owner, or have written permission from the copyright owner of all assets (images, audio, video, etc.) utilized for display, and/or used during any presentation(s). It is further understood and agreed that you shall hold f64 Live harmless from any and all liability incurred due to copyright and model release infringement.

      Loss of equipment

      f64 Live will not be responsible for loss of equipment, photographs, or personal effects due to fire, theft, vandalism or any other cause.

      Program recording

      f64 Live reserves the right to record all programs presented during f64 Live 2019 for use in materials related to this event (including, but not limited to, advertising, promotional materials, websites, etc.). Advance notice will be provided to Instructors whose programs are selected for filming. Regardless of whether f64 Live records the presentation, Instructors are not permitted to record their performances at f64 Live 2019 for any commercial purpose without prior written consent from f64 Live organizers.


      f64 Live reserves the right to terminate or modify this agreement at any time as deemed necessary by f64 Live organizers to be in the best interest of the said f64 Live 2019 attendees.

      Independent contractor

      The Instructor, its officers, agents and employees, (when applicable) in the performance of this Instructor Agreement shall act in the capacity of an Independent Contractor and not as an officer, employee or agent of the Booking party or venue. The Instructor agrees that he shall take such steps as may be necessary to ensure that any subcontractor or contractor shall be deemed to be an independent contractor and will not be considered or permitted to be an agent, servant, joint venture or partner of the Booking Party. As such, the parties will each be responsible for their own acts of negligence as determined by law.


      (a) It is recommended that all instructors have their own liability and equipment insurance. (b) Instructor agrees to hold f64 Live and venue harmless from any loss, claim, damage or liability of any kind involving an employee, officer or agent of the Instructor arising out of or in connection with this Agreement except to the extent that it is founded upon or grows out of the acts or omissions of any of the officers, employees or agents of the f64 Live and venue.


      (a) This Instructor Agreement and any proceedings conducted hereunder shall be governed and enforced under the laws of the State of California. (b) Disputes regarding the terms of the Instructor Agreement or claims arising out of its execution or performance may be resolved in any California court with competent jurisdiction. (c) This Instructor Agreement and the terms and conditions contained herein may be enforced by the f64 Live and by each Instructor who is a party to this Instructor Agreement, or who has, in fact, performed the engagement contracted for, and by the agent(s) of each Instructor.

      Entire agreement and notice

      (a) This Instructor Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. (b) This Agreement may be modified or amended in writing signed by authorized signatories of f64 Live and Instructor.

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