Terms and Conditions

Ticket Sales

The purchase of tickets for and entry to an event organized by or on behalf of f64LIVE, (the “Event”) is subject to the following terms and conditions. By applying to purchase a ticket and attending the Event you agree that: Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded or returned unless the event is cancelled, moved to another date, or if details of the event are significantly changed after an order is placed (significant changes being a change of venue or show time).

  1. The venue reserves the right to refuse the purchaser entry to the Event without their ticket. You acknowledge that F64LIVE cannot be held responsible for Tickets that are lost or stolen.
  2. The Ticket remains the property of F64LIVE. The purchaser of the Ticket represents and warrants that the Ticket is purchased for personal use only, and that it is not purchased as part of any form of business or commercial activity (unless expressly authorized by F64LIVE and its agents) and in particular the Ticket may not be resold or offered for resale by anyone, whether at a premium or otherwise, and may not be used for advertising, promotion (including contests and sweepstakes) or for any other trade purposes. Resale or attempted resale of a Ticket will render the Ticket void and the holder of any resold or transferred Ticket may be ejected from or refused entry to the Event.
  3. Discounts promoted will apply only to full price conference tickets, and cannot be used in conjunction with another offer.
  4. You will abide by the rules and regulations of the venue which are available at the venue and may be changed at the venue’s discretion and any other rules or regulations which may be included in the Ticket.
  5. You will comply with all reasonable safety and other announcements and/or directions whilst attending the Event.
  6. In the event of cancellation or rescheduling, F64LIVE shall not be liable for any losses you suffer as a result of the cancellation or rescheduling, including but not limited to, ticket price, accommodation costs or travel expenses.
  7. The ticket price for the Event does not include anything (including, without limitation, accommodation, refreshments, extra activities) other than entry to the Event, unless otherwise stated. See the rules and regulations of the venue to find out whether you may bring your own food and drink on site.
  8. F64LIVE has the right to alter or vary the program for the Event or to reschedule or cancel all or part of the Event.
  9. Both F64LIVE and the venue have the right to refuse entry to the Event to any person without reason or to require them to cease participating in any activity. If you are found to be behaving in a manner deemed unsociable or potentially dangerous, in violation of the Code of Conduct, in breach of these terms & conditions, the rules and regulations of the venue or any instructions or directions given to you by any official at the Event, you will be ejected from the Event without refund and, if appropriate, may be reported to the police.
  10. F64LIVE and/or the venue has the right to search all persons and personal property and refuse admission to, or eject from, the site any person who refuses to be searched by a security official.
  11. You give your express consent to the use of your actual or simulated likeness in connection with the production, exhibition, advertising or exploitation of any photograph, film, video and/or audio recording of the Event and/or any element thereof in any/all media throughout the world.
  12. Neither the venue nor F64LIVE has any responsibility for lost or stolen property.
  13. With the exception of service dogs, you are not permitted to bring any animals to the Event.
  14. You will not trade or solicit trade at the Event without the prior consent of F64LIVE.
  15. Unauthorized flyering or bannering, use of unauthorized photographic and/or any other type of recording equipment at the Event is prohibited. Tapes, or films or other unauthorized recordings may be destroyed.
  16. The following articles are not permitted within the venue – illegal substances, weapons, dangerous or hazardous items, political or offensive materials, glass or bottles, petrol generators, BBQ’s and such other items as F64LIVE or the venue may deem to be prohibited from time to time. Any person found in possession of such items may be refused entry into, or ejected from the venue.
  17. You are over 18 years old or, if you are under 18 years old, you will be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is over 18 and who has completed the Booking Form. Both you and your parent/guardian must pay the full entrance price. Proof of age may be requested upon entry. No person under the age of 17 and/or who does not hold a valid drivers license may participate in the Event.
  18. Admission to the venue and the Event is at your own risk. Neither the venue nor F64LIVE will be held liable for any loss, cost, expense, injury or damage sustained at the venue and/or the Event except in respect of death or personal injury caused as a result of negligence by the venue or F64LIVE, as applicable.
  19. In the event of any accident you hereby agree to hold harmless and keep indemnified F64LIVE, its group companies and its staff, officials, representatives, agents, sub-contractors and members, each and every one of them from and against all actions, costs, expenses, claims and demands in respect of injury, fatal or otherwise, loss or damage, to person or property of yourself or any guests accompanying you, however caused or arising out of in connection with your participation in the event.
  20. You acknowledge that you (or the person on behalf of whom you have purchased Tickets) are in good health and your (their) eyesight is up to the standard required to participate in any photography event and that you (they) are not suffering from any other medical condition or disability which is likely to adversely affect your (their) normal participation in any photography event. You acknowledge that you (they) shall be solely responsible for any decision as to your (their) fitness to participate in any activity at any time.
  21. These terms and conditions shall be governed by California law and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of California courts.
  22. These terms and conditions may be enforced by the venue and F64LIVE affiliates, successors and assigns but may not otherwise be relied or enforced under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by any party that is not a party to these terms and conditions.
  23. If any provision of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court, the invalid or unenforceable provision shall be severed or amended in such a manner as to render the rest of the provisions and remainder of the agreement valid or enforceable.
  24. F64LIVE reserves the right to alter or amend these terms and conditions without prior notification and you will abide by such amended terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to check the website for the latest terms and conditions.